Sell your car hassle-free.

Get 40% more than trade-in with the same convenience.

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Convenience of a trade-in

  • We make the listing, find the buyers, and even facilitate the test-drivers.
  • You never have to meet a stranger, just sit back.

Money of private sale

  • Get up to 40% more money than selling to a dealer.
  • Get more money towards your new car.

Absolute transparency

  • Cars are priced based on real private party sales - we’ll get you the money we promise.
  • Buyers and sellers know exactly what they’re getting (all cars examined by certified inspectors).

More money, less effort.

Selling a used car is painful - you meet strangers during your free time, and then are frustrated when they make lowball offers. But if you trade it in, the dealer will offer you 40% less than the car is worth. We wanted to solve this problem - we take care of selling your car for you. You get the money of a private sale with no effort.

  • Money
  • Convenience
  • Carlypso
  • Private Sale
  • Dealer

How does Carlypso work?

1.You submit your car details so we can tell you the fair market price
2.We'll send an inspection mechanic, who also installs our Carlypso device
3.We schedule test drives, while you are at home - super convenient!
4.We talk to buyers to ensure they make an educated purchase decision
5.If a buyer offers the right price, our escrow partner collects your cash and transfers title
6.We send you a cab if you need a ride home :)

Happy Seller, Happy Buyer